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De la job la scrob by Alexandra Arva

I am Alexandra Arva (lol, hard to guess, right?), a Romanian 21 year old. Classic “About me”-s are boring AF and tbh bore me to death so… I won’t tell you where I see myself in 10 years, nor how many jobs I’ve had. #sorrynotsorry

When I was a kid I used to think that by 20-something I’ll be married and have kids. Let’s all laugh at that!

In the mean time, I became a travel junkie with 12 countries visited and many more to come. I like places that make me feel like a kid. People that make me forget about nationalities, races and all the BS that supposedly should keep us humans strangers, when we are actually so similar. Laughing has no language. I skydived and I wanna do it again. I also ziplined, went on a random yoga retreat and got a tattoo all by my own. I wanna get at least 5 more tattoos and NO, I won’t regret them when I am 70. Actually, I really hope that would be my biggest concern at that age. I think everyone that can should donate blood, I did it even though it was my biggest fear. F*ck fear. People say that I am brave, I think I am just a bit crazy and don’t always realise what I get myself into.

I want to share with you my experiences, dreams, travels, thoughts, outfits, books, food, because I think my friends have had enough of my stories, selfies and revelations, haha. The Gemeni in me likes to talk a lot, but can also be socially awkward.

Random fact: I love animals and I will literally cry of joy if I see a Pomeranian dog near me. Also, avocado is my spirit animal and if I could I would live in a Claire’s store (glitter, unicorns, colorful, sparkly stuff are totally my thing).

You’ll get to know me better through my articles, until then don’t forget: “When you love life, life loves you back.” Yup, I’m also into motivational sh*t.

If you’ve actually got here and read everything, thank you. You are awesome, never forget that!

Kisses to my sugar plums <3